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The Forbidden Challenge

Wed, 09/19/2012

Alright, here it is - our first online teen CONTEST with prizes!  The Forbidden Challenge

As part of Banned Books Week (September 30 - October 6), I've made a survey of the 109 most challenged/banned book of the past 12 years.  Follow this link and check the box of every banned book you've read.  Honor system - ya'll.

Whoever has read the most banned books wins an assortment of swag.  Anyone (seriously anyone) can participate; however to win the prize, you have to be a teen (grades 6-12).

You can also come into the library any time during Banned Books Week and have your mugshot taken with your favorite banned book.  I think I'm gonna pick Whale Talk or maybe The Golden Compass or perhaps The Perks of Being A Wallflower.  What about you?

Okay - go take the Forbidden ChallengeClick here to take survey  

Pick your favorite banned book:

Come into the library during Sept. 30 - Oct. 6 and have your mugshot taken!


Click here to take survey