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Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter

Tom Franklin
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Growing up in rural Mississippi in the late 1970’s, Larry Ott is the son of white, working-class parents, while Silas "32" Jones, transplanted from urban Chicago to the backwoods of Chabot, Mississippi, lives in a black, single-parent household.  On a fateful night, teenaged Larry picks up a girl for a drive-in movie date and she is never seen again. While not arrested for any crime associated with the girl's disappearance, Larry was adjudged as guilty by the townspeople and condemned to lead a solitary existence.  Twenty years later, Silas, who had left town after high school, returns to take a job as Chabot's constable. When another young woman, the daughter of an important local business magnate, suddenly goes missing, the shadow of suspicion is once again cast upon Larry. Both Larry and Silas have secrets that must be confronted if justice is to be done.  Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter is a suspenseful story that captures the atmosphere of the rural South. 

Lori Siegel