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The Family Fang

Kevin Wilson
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Every once in awhile, I read a book that brings to mind the word “quirky.”  Whether it be the characters, the plot, or both, the unusual elements of a novel that bring to mind the word “quirky” usually endear it to me.  Such a book is The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson.  The Fangs are a quite a quirky family, though no relation to vampires.  Lead by Caleb and Camille, famous performance artists whose works of art consist of basically creating chaos and documenting it, the Fang family also includes children Annie and Buster or “Child A” and “Child B” as they are known for their roles in their parents’works of live art.  These performances somewhat traumatize the kids, who end up feeling like they are always somehow part of an approaching disaster staged by their parents. Adult Annie and Buster escape their eccentric parents, actually having made successes of themselves initially as actress and author, before starting downward spirals that are disastrous, forcing them to reluctantly return to the family home to regain their footing.  What happens is truly funny and suspenseful, as neither Annie nor Buster realizes that can truly escape the Fang legacy. Quirky and unconventional, The Family Fang is a truly unique family story.

--- Lori S.