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At Home in Japan: A Foreign Woman's Journey of Discovery

Rebecca Otowa
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At Home In Japan

Have you ever read a book that gave you so much pleasure that you prolonged reaching the ending?  If you would enjoy the eclectic vignettes of a true wordsmith—this is the book for you.  Rebecca Otowa wrote this as a meditation upon her experiences as a foreigner living in Japan since 1978. She is an American-born woman who became intrigued with Japanese Studies, married a Japanese man, and then moved to Japan to live with him in his 400 year old ancestral country home.  Her observations are those of an artist.  She reflects on seasons by noting “the spring begins… from dull grey to soft blue, from mud brown to trembling pastels, from frigid winds to caressing warmth. The base point of the spectrum turns to gold; everything lightens and comes forward to the eye.”  She couples each reflection with exquisite black ink drawings. In fact, these drawings are so deeply enjoyable that when colored photography is encountered within the book, its effect is akin to shouting.  A wonderful book to read slowly, as our long nights of winter approach.

Kara Giles