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Summer Reading Club Is Here!

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Kids don’t get to have all the fun this summer – adults have their own reading club.  Sign up at the 3rd floor Reader Services Desk (be among the first and receive a tote bag).  As you fill out your reading log, bring it in after 5 books for free library DVD rental coupons and be entered to win a grand prize at the end of the event in September.  Our theme this year is “First Novels.”   This means that we encourage you to read a first novel by an author as a part of your summer selections.  Not sure what to choose? We have loads of suggestions for every taste and genre.  Click here to access lists. 

One of the perks of being a librarian is that often you get ARC’s, Advance Reading Copies, of forthcoming books from pubishers.  These copies are sent to reviewers and librarians around the country in hopes that they will read and recommend the work.  I just finished  Before I Go to Sleep, due to become available this month.  Before I Go to Sleep  is British author S.J. Watson’s first work.  This unique psychological thriller centers around Christine, a woman suffering from amnesia that erases her memories daily.  Each day she wakes up and is shocked to be lying next to her husband Ben, a man she does not recognize. When Christine looks in the mirror, she is 20 years older than her faint traces of memory recall.  While her husband Ben patiently puts up with her, Christine secretly visits a doctor to help her unlock her past and cure her condition.  As her past starts to become clearer, Christine learns that things are not as they seem.  Building to a suspenseful conclusion, and already optioned for a movie, Before I Go to Sleep is a hot summer read. Click here to check availability and reserve.   

-- Lori S., Reader Services