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Best Romances of 2012





Robyn Carr, Redwood Bend.

A woman headed for Virgin River with her twin 5-year-olds is stranded by a flat tire and falls
for a biker who stops to help.


Zuri Day, Love on the Run.

A sports manager with a rule against mixing business with pleasure takes on a record-breaking
sprinter as a new client and finds she is troubled by a violent ex-fiancé who is stalking her.


Lori Foster, Run the Risk.

A woman hiding out from a corrupt club owner is attracted to her new neighbor, who is really
an undercover cop seeking a her brother as a witness to the murder of a local politician.


Laura Griffin, Scorched.

A forensic anthropologist ends up on the run from someone she thought she could trust after a shocking discovery in a mass grave in the Philippines.


Donna Kauffman, Sweet Stuff.

A writer returns to his childhood home of Sugarberry Island in Georgia to finish his latest
novel and is surprised to see a woman go flying off a treadmill in a home he’s hoping to rent.


Sophie Kinsella, I’ve Got Your Number.

After losing her engagement ring and her cell phone in a hotel fire drill, a woman appropriates a company phone belonging to a businessman who wants to get it back and stop
her from snooping in his messages.


Susan Mallery, All Summer Long.

A former male model who wants to be taken seriously as an entrepreneur falls for a
firefighter who has always felt like an ugly duckling next to her beautiful, ballerina mother.


JoJo Moyes, Me before You.

When a thrill-seeking man has an accident that makes him a quadriplegic, his mother hires a woman as his companion to teach him that life is still worth living.


Carla Neggers, Secrets of the Lost Summer.

After being betrayed by a colleague she trained, a woman moves back to her New England
hometown to open a B&B, but her first she must take to task the owner of the rundown, cluttered property next door.


Nora Roberts, The Witness.

A police chief in the Ozarks is intrigued by a woman obsessed with security who is hiding from
something she witnessed on a wild night years ago.


Jill Shalvis, At Last.

A woman with a troubled past who started a new life in Lucky Harbor gets lost on a nature hike
and is rescued by a forest ranger.


Julie Ann Walker, Rev It Up.

A Navy SEAL comes to Chicago to join a covert unit run by the brother of a woman whose husband
was killed on an op gone wrong in Afghanistan and who is determined not to let herself or her son be hurt again.


Samantha Young, On Dublin Street.

An American woman who moved to Scotland, leaving a tragic past behind her, is reluctant to start a new relationship until her neighbor entices her with a no strings attached arrangement.





Victoria Alexander, What Happens at Christmas.

Hoping for a proposal from her very proper suitor at Christmas, a lady with an eccentric
family hires a troupe of actors to pose as her relatives, but things become even more complicated when an old flame turns up on her doorstep.


Kristen Callihan, Firelight.

A lady who has a secret power over fire is wed to a lord who wears a mask to hide his
disfigurement and who becomes a suspect in a series of murders.


Pamela Clare, Defiant.

Charged with a crime he didn’t commit, a Scotsman is sent to America to fight for the British
in the French and Indian War and is ordered to rescue his commander’s niece who was taken captive by the Shawnee.


Tessa Dare, A Week to be Wicked.

Determined to present her discovery of a fossilized footprint to the Royal Geological Society, a lady asks a rake to escort her to the meeting in Scotland.


Julianne Donaldson, Edenbrooke.

Sent to live with her aunt in Bath while her prettier sister has a London Season, a lady is
delighted to receive an invitation to a country estate, where she finds herself embroiled in an unexpected adventure and romance.


Suzanne Enoch, Taming an Impossible Rogue.

Dismayed that the man she’s been engaged to since birth has made no effort to get to know her, a lady leaves him at the altar and works at a gaming establishment,  while her humiliated fiancé sends his cousin to get her back.


Elizabeth Hoyt, Thief of Shadows.

A lady teaching social graces to the stuffy headmaster of a foundling home comes to the aid of
an injured masked man who helps the poor, not realizing it’s the same man.


Sabrina Jeffries, ‘Twas the Night after Christmas.

A gentleman who was abandoned by his parents and sent to live with distant relatives as a child is surprised to receive a letter claiming his mother is on her deathbed, only to find her meddlesome companion hopes to reunite them at Christmas.


Julie Anne Long, A Notorious Countess Confesses.

A courtesan becomes a countess after an earl wins her in a card game and dies shortly after
the wedding, leaving her a manor in a small town where she catches the eye of the local vicar.


Monica McCarty, The Recruit.

A Scotsman competing in the Highland Games hoping to win a place in Robert the Bruce’s
Guards meets a widow whose husband was hanged as a traitor and whose son was taken from her by the English king.


Sherry Thomas, Tempting the Bride.

Discovered having an affair with a married man, a lady reluctantly agrees to elope with her
brother’s friend who secretly loves her, but a carriage accident leaves her with no memory of how she ended up with her new husband.





Kresley Cole, Lothaire.

The ruthless Lothaire plots to seize the crown of the vampire kingdom, but first he must extract the soul from a human woman who is possessed by a demon.


Lucy Monroe, Dragon’s Moon.

A wolf shifter seeking the sacred stone of her people needs the help of the dragon shifter who killed her brother before her eyes years earlier.


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