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Best Thrillers of 2012


Corban Addison, A Walk across the Sun.

An American lawyer doing pro bono work in Bombay for an agency opposing the child sex trade
sets out to rescue two sisters who were sold into slavery after they lost their home and family in a tsunami.


David Baldacci, The Innocent.

A government assassin who refuses an assignment to kill a sleeping woman with two young
children finds himself on the run for his life with a teenage girl whose parents have been killed.


Linwood Barclay, Trust Your Eyes.

When a schizophrenic shut-in witnesses a murder while looking at satellite street
views online, he enlists his older brother to help solve the crime, plunging them into a dangerous conspiracy.


Larry Bond, Exit Plan.

A Navy submariner accompanies a team of SEALs on a mission to extract a defecting Iranian scientist who wants to share information about Iran’s nuclear program in order to prevent a war with the U.S.


Chelsea Cain, Kill You Twice.

When a tortured body is found hanging from a tree in a public park in broad daylight,
incarcerated serial killer Gretchen Lowell claims to have information and contacts Portland detective Archie Sheridan, who was once her victim.


Marcia Clark, Guilt by Degrees.

Los Angeles D.A. Rachel Knight finds a surprising connection between the murders of a homeless
man and a police officer.


Gerald Elias, Death and Transfiguration.

Blind violin teacher Daniel Jacobus seeks answers when a violinist he refused to help kills
herself after being turned down for a concertmaster position by a tyrannical conductor.


Karen Engelmann, The Stockholm Octavo.

In 1791 Stockholm, a customs officer looking to better himself lands in a conspiracy
involving the Swedish throne after a fortune teller reads his cards and instructs him to find eight people who can put him on the road to success.


Lyndsay Faye, The Gods of Gotham.

In 1845, a man who was disfigured in a fire that destroyed his business joins the newly formed
police force and is assigned to walk a beat in the slums of Five Points, where he finds a girl running through the streets in a nightdress drenched in blood.


Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl.

A man is suspected of murdering his wife after she disappears on their fifth wedding


Vince Flynn, The Last Man.

Mitch Rapp is dispatched to find the head of CIA clandestine operations in Afghanistan, who
has gone missing with secrets that could prove disastrous if they fall into enemy hands.


Tana French, Broken Harbor.

In an unfinished luxury housing development nearly empty due to the recession, a brutal attack on a family leaves only one survivor clinging to life as Dublin police search for
a motive.


Dalton Fury, Black Site.

After his failure to obey orders leads to the capture of his teammates in Pakistan, a disgraced Delta Force operative gets a second chance when he is sent in alone to rescue them, but his mission is complicated when he discovers an al-Qaeda plot to attack a secret U.S. prison.


Lisa Gardner, Catch Me.

A woman whose childhood friends have been killed on the same date two years in a row is convinced that she’s in danger and turns to Detective D.D. Warren for help.


Elizabeth Haynes, Into the Darkest Corner.

A woman who escaped from her controlling and abusive boyfriend leads a fearful and
obsessive-compulsive life, wondering if she dares to hope she might finally be free of him.


Mark Henshaw, Red Cell.

A rookie CIA agent out to redeem herself after an op gone wrong is paired with a straight-laced analyst to investigate a plot by the Chinese to invade Taiwan.


Gregg Hurwitz, The Survivor.

A terminally ill man standing on the ledge of a bank building interrupts his suicide attempt to stop a robbery, angering a Ukrainian mobster who demands he finish the bank job himself or his family will pay.


Julia Keller, A Killing in the Hills.

In a West Virginia county plagued by drug crimes, a prosecutor’s daughter witnesses the
shooting of three old men in a restaurant but doesn’t reveal everything she knows about the incident. 


William Landay, Defending Jacob.

An Assistant D.A. takes on the case of a 14-year-old boy’s murder but is shocked to discover his own son is the prime suspect.


Dennis Lehane, Live by Night.

During the Prohibition era, the son of a prominent Boston cop becomes a gangster and rises
up the ladder of organized crime, determined to live life to the fullest.


Rosamund Lupton, Afterwards.

A woman who was critically injured in a school fire finds herself in a state of limbo between
life and death, but she still must try to unmask the arsonist in order to save her family.


Daniel Palmer, Helpless.

A Navy SEAL whose ex-wife was murdered returns home to take care of his bitter teenage daughter but soon finds himself the target of a smear campaign by someone who’s out to destroy him.


Chris Pavone, The Expats.

A woman who used to be a CIA agent accompanies her husband when he’s offered a job in Luxembourg but begins to fear her past is catching up to her.


Michael Robotham, Say You’re Sorry.

Three years after two teenage girls went missing, a couple are killed a house where one of the girls lived, and a mentally unstable suspect claims he saw a girl being chased by a snowman.


James Rollins, Bloodline.

Sigma Force set out on a rescue mission when Somali pirates kidnap a pregnant woman who is the daughter of the President of the U.S. and whose unborn child may hold the key to immortality.


Hank Phillippi Ryan, The Other Woman.

A Boston detective hunting a serial killer and a journalist seeking the whereabouts of a missing Senate candidate’s wife realize that there may be a connection between their cases.


John Sandford, Mad River.

Virgil Flowers of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension pursues three teenagers on a crime spree turned deadly who have decided to take the opportunity to settle a few old scores.


Michael Sears, Black Fridays.

After serving two years in prison for fraud, a Wall Street trader seeks custody of his autistic son and takes a job investigating a possible scam involving a junior trader at a large
firm who recently died in a boating accident.


B.A. Shapiro, The Art Forger.

In exchange for an exhibit of her own work, an artist agrees to forge a Degas that was stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston but soon realizes that the stolen painting may also be a forgery.


Daniel Silva, The Fallen Angel.

Gabriel Allon is asked by the Pope’s private secretary to discretely investigate when a curator of the Vatican’s antiquities plunges to her death from the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.


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