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Going Green with NPL

Go Green at the Grocer

Buy in bulk to reduce packaging waste.

Concentrated detergents save on plastics and water.

A carrot typically travels 1,838 miles to reach your table. Shop at your local farmer’s market in season, or check for signs in your grocery store indicating locally grown and made foods.

Buying organic produce helps reduce pesticides and groundwater contamination.

And of course, Bring Your Own Bag!

Saving Energy:

Between 5% and 20% of your home electric bill comes from vampire electric use--the energy used by appliances when turned off. Unplug small appliances and chargers when not in use.


Check out the Kill-a-Watt meter from the Multimedia Department to see which of your appliances are using the most energy.


Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs (usually spiral-shaped). CFLs typically last 6,000 to 15,000 hours, whereas standard bulbs last 750 or 1,000 hours. They are also more efficient, using between one-seventh to one-third the energy of ordinary bulbs.


Languishing light bulbs waste energy, create heat, and run up utility bills. Turn the lights off when you leave a room, or better yet buy motion detecting light sensors to attach to your lamps. These detectors cost about $20 but, according to the US Department of Energy, will reduce overall energy consumption by 35-45%.