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Going Green with NPL

Follow these links to have a Green Holiday Season!

Ten Ways to Green Your Holidays

Gift Ideas:

Green Gifts and More Green Gifts

For the Music Lover: Guitar String Jewelry

Wallet Made From Recycled Tires (and more)

Recycled Glassware

Green Gifts for the Home

For Your Pet:
Eco-Friendly Pet Toys & Accessories
Recycled Leashes

Decorate with Locally-Made Soy Candles
More Soy Candles

After the Holidays:

Donate Your Used Holiday Cards - At-risk children will use them to make new ones

Donate Your Old Bicycle

Tired of opening your mailbox full of junkmail?  Hate getting phone calls at dinnertime?  You can stop most of these nuisances. 

Stop unsolicited offers of credit and insurance by going to or by calling 1–888–567–8688.

For unwanted mail and email go to

Unwanted phone calls can be stopped by visiting or by calling 1-888-382-1222.