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What are Narrative Skills?


What are Narrative Skills?

What are Narrative Skills?

Narrative skill is the ability to describe things and events and to tell stories. When a child learns this skill, it helps him understand that stories have a beginning, middle, and end.

How can I help develop my child's narrative skills?

Talking with your child about her day, asking open-ended questions when you read, and rereading familiar stories help build this skill. Try wordless books and talk with your child about what’s happening on each page. When you finish a book, ask him what happened in the story, prompting him along the way with questions like, "What happened next?" You can also pause during a dramatic moment in a story and ask your child, "What do you think will happen on the next page?"

As your child begins to develop this skill, you can try things like acting out a familiar story, or having her tell it to you in her own words. Pretending games, like "You be the knight, and I'll be the dragon!" can help to strengthen narrative skills as well.

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