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What does Vocabulary have to do with literacy?



What does Vocabulary have to do with Literacy?

Vocabulary is important to your child’s reading development. The more words a child hears, the more she will know when she begins to read on her own. Research shows that children who have larger vocabularies are better readers.

How can I help develop my child's vocabulary?

 To build a strong vocabulary, read together every day. Use descriptive language to talk about the things you see in books and in the world around you (i.e., "Look at the big, yellow school bus!").  Have conversations with your child.  Don’t be afraid to use new words he hasn't heard before. Provide simple definitions for unfamiliar words. Try easy nonfiction books in your child’s area of interest. Books with rich language, such as poetry or folk and fairy tales, are also great tools for developing vocabulary, since they'll expose her to new words.

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