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Over 125 essays on basic topics, provides an introduction to our latest understanding of the Earth.

OCLC catalog of online electronic books available through libraries worldwide.

Provides coverage on subjects such as librarianship, classification, cataloging, bibliometrics, online information retrieval, information management and more.

Full-text articles from thousands of periodicals.


A searchable database of a growing collection of journals in a variety of subject areas. Searching across multiple journals and browsing within journals is possible. Bibliographic information is available for all journal issues. Full-text articles, including original text and image content, are available for issues included in the institution subscription.

A collection of reference books with information on the history of education worldwide as well as information on scholarships and loans.

Comprehensive, authoritative information on just about every subject.

For elementary and middle school students.

Covers speciifc events, laws, organizations and Supreme Court rulings, as well as essays from prominent immigrants who have made a significant impact on the United States.

Covers nonprofit U.S. membership organizations with interstate, intrastate, city or local scope.

Covers nonprofit U.S. membership organizations of national scope.

A record of sourcebooks, periodicals, organizations, directories, handbooks, bibliographies, online and other sources of information.

This 4 volume set includes the history of energy, it's resources, and technology and has photos, charts and graphs to illustrate.

Presents articles showing the math behind our daily lives.  Explains how and why math works, and allows readers to better understand how disciplines such as algebra, geometry, calculus and others affect what we do every day.

The world's largest digital library of education literature.

Find A Magazine or Newspaper by Title