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  • Fri, 08/28/2015

    Interested in joining the Teen Advisory Board? Do you need more volunteer hours? Do want to be active member in your community?   

    As a TAB member, you'll plan teen programs, decorate the Loft, help out with library events and often participate in random acts of chalk graffiti bombing (though this year we're going to try water graffiti). Pizza is included.

    We meet the second Tuesday of nearly every month from 5 to 6 p.m. Attendance at every meeting is NOT require, but we do hope you come to as many as you can.

    The first meeting is on Tuesday, September 8th from 5 to 6 p.m. in the Activity Room. Please register here if you plan on attending!

  • Thu, 07/16/2015

  • Wed, 03/18/2015

    Are you in high school or starting high school in the fall and interested in volunteering at the library this summer? Are you looking for some more service hours? 

    Yes? Then make sure you attend ONE of the mandatory summer volunteer meetings! We'll be going over everything you need to know and distributing the application.


    • Sunday, April 12, 3-3:30 p.m.
    • Thursday, April 16, 5-5:30 p.m.
    • Wednesday, April 22, 6:30-7 p.m.

    If you have any questions or concerns, call the Youth Services Department at 847-272-4300 or email the teen librarian at

  • Mon, 01/12/2015

    It's Finals! How are you holding up? Exhausted and starving? Stressed out?

    If you're studying at the library, stop by our Finals Cafe in the Activity Room for some pizza donated by Mario's Pizza, cookies donated by Whole Foods Market Northbrook, chips, fruit, and soda. For the stress, grab a mandala and crayons from the Loft for some active meditation or take a sheet of bubble wrap and start popping!

    Finals Cafe (grades 9-12)

    Sunday, January 18, 3:00-4:00 p.m.
    Monday, January 19,  3:00-4:00 p.m.
    Monday, January 19, 7:00-8:00 p.m.
    Tuesday, January 20,  7:00-8:00 p.m.


  • Thu, 01/08/2015

    Adult Services is offering a new program for ages 13+.

    Learn to make all the interesting DIY projects you see on Pinterest! First up is beaded stretch bracelets.

    • Tuesday, February 3 from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.
    • Youth Services Activity Room

    All supplies will be provided and registration is require. 

  • Sat, 08/23/2014

    Interested in joining the 2014-2015 Teen Advisory Board?  

    We plan Teen programming, decorate the library, generate content for the website and help out with events while eating pizza and earning service hours! We meet in the Activity Room on the second Tuesday of nearly every month for an hour. Attendance at every meeting is not required, but we do hope you come to as many as you can! 
    If you're coming, make sure you register! 
    First meeting - Moon Week prep: 
    • Tuesday, September 9
    • 5:00-6:00 p.m.
    • Youth Services Activity Room 
  • Wed, 05/21/2014

    Summer Volunteers

    The schedules are finished! The Volunteer Google Calendar has been shared with all of you. Check your email!

    If anyone is having difficulty locating your shifts, email Summer. 

  • Wed, 04/23/2014


    This is your absolute LAST CHANCE to attend a mandatory Summer Volunteer Info Meeting! If you want to volunteer at the library this summer and haven't been to one of the April meetings, this is it for you. You don't come to this meeting, you don't get to volunteer.  

    • Sunday, May 4th
    • 3:00 to 3:30 p.m.
    • Activity Room!  
    • grades 8-12 (as of the Fall 2014)
  • Thu, 03/06/2014

    Who's interested in Volunteering at the library this summer?

    If that's you, make sure you attend ONE of our mandatory meeting. We'll be going over everything you need to know and distributing the application.



    • Sunday, April 6 from 3-3:30 p.m.
    • Friday, April 11 from 5-5:30 p.m.
    • Thursday, April 17 from 6:30-7 p.m.


    If you have any questions or concerns, call the Youth Services Department at 847-272-4300 or email Summer at 

  • Finals Cafe
    Wed, 01/08/2014

    Finals are next week! Who's stressed out, exhausted and starving? Time for a study break!

    If you're studying at the library, stop by our Finals Cafe in the Activity Room on:

    • Mon. Jan. 13th from 3-4pm and 7-8pm
    • Tue. Jan. 14th from 7-8pm
    • Wed. Jan. 15th from 7-8pm

    We've got pizza from Sarpino's, cookies from Whole Foods Northbrook, coffee from Cariboufruit, soda, and coffee.

    Also, if you need to rest your brain for a moment, try out our giant soma cube. It's kind of like Tetris, but instead of building rows, you're building a 3X3X3 cube!   

  • Tue, 10/29/2013

    Do you have some down time in December and January?

    Do you need to earn some service hours?

    Do you just like to help out?

    Yes? Perfect - because I have a job for you! All thoughout December and January we're going to have volunteer opportunities for teens. The Stuffed Animal Sleepover, Teen Techs, Book Buddies, Craft Swap, MLK Service Day and more!

    Fill out the form and I'll be in touch. Don't worry, you're not committing yourself to anything, not yet. It's just an interest form.


  • Wed, 10/09/2013

    Allegiant is in the building! I repeat, Allegiant is in the building.

    We can't circulate the books until the 22nd of October, but I have them! They are here, locked away, under guard, totally secure - so don't try anything. 

    If you want it, place a hold on it.  




  • Wed, 09/11/2013

    The Teen Advisory Board chalk bombed the library sidewalks with Banned Books! Stop by, check out our street art and see how many banned books you have read!

  • Wed, 08/07/2013

    Time to register for the 2013-2014 Teen Advisory Board!

  • Wed, 07/24/2013

    This is just the beginning!! Today an Arduino LED Circuit, tomorrow we conquer the world!

  • Tue, 07/09/2013
    The Bling Ring


    We're on Polyvore!
    If you want to follow us or check out our sets, you can find us here.  
  • Spotify
    Tue, 06/18/2013

    We have a Spotify account!

    You want to know our current music obsessions? You want to follow our playlists? If you have the Spotify app, you can find us by typing spotify:user:nbkyouth into the search box. 


  • Tue, 06/18/2013
  • Wed, 06/05/2013

    Summer Volunteers - Have you checked your email? 

    Electronic copies of your volunteer schedule have been sent! If you want a paper copy, stop by the Youth Services Department and pick it up! 

    Problems with your schedule? Let me know -

  • Wed, 05/29/2013

    Mark your calendars! The 2013 Summer Reading Program begins on Saturday, June 1st. This year you'll earn stamps in your Have Book, Will Travel passport and a spin of our prize wheel for every book milestone.

    Book milestone? Yes, we're changing up the program. If you want to read for 2 hours, then your read for 2 hours.

    BUT, if you're:

    a maker, a musician, a painter, an actor, a writer, a poet, a creator, a filmmaker, a playwriter, an inventor, a songwriter, a diorama builder, a fan art enthusiast, a director, a playlist composer...

    OR, if you have any kind of:

    obsession, specialty, interest, talent, hobby, avocation or craft...

    you are going to read your book and THEN create SOMETHING about that book to earn stamps!

    Intrigued? Good! Sign Up and start making!


  • Fri, 05/24/2013

    Hey all you Gamers, Techies, Engineers, Builders, Strategists, Creators, Geeks and Outside the Box Thinkers - IT'S TIME TO PLAY!

    Remember Game Day? This summer we're doing things a little different. Each week we'll focus on ONE game or toy or software or program. Stop by and let's see what you can do! Don't know how to play that week's game? No worries, Games Outside the Box is staffed with expert Teen Volunteer Gamers to teach you! 

    Games Outside the Box will be an all ages drop in program, every Monday from 2-4pm in the Activity Room. Want to know what we'll be playing?

    • June 17 - MaKey MaKey
    • June 24 - Legos/Tinker Toys
    • July 1 - Chess
    • July 8 - Rube Goldberg Machines/Domino Races
    • July 15 - Minecraft
    • July 22 - K'Nex
    • July 29 - Legos/Tinker Toys

    Questions? Call Youth Services at 847.272.4300 or email Summer at 

  • Tumblr
    Thu, 05/09/2013

    We're on Tumblr! Are you? 

    Want to follow us? northbrookpl

  • Mon, 04/15/2013

    Interested in volunteering at the library this summer? Need some service hours for NHS? We've got flexible hours, short shifts, interesting projects and we can work around your summer plans!

    Sound good?

    Well, then make sure you register to attend ONE of our MANDATORY meeting for summer volunteers. We'll go over everything you need to know.


    • Sunday, May 5, 3:30-4:00 pm
    • Tuesday, May 7, 6:00-6:30 pm
    • Friday, May 10, 5:00-5:30 pm


    To register, call the Youth Services department at 847.272.4300 or email Summer at

  • Wed, 04/03/2013

    The winners of the Abraham Lincoln Illinois High School Book Award for 2013 have been announced!

    1st Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

    2nd Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

    3rd The Help by Katherine Stockett


    And the 2014 Abe Lincoln Nominees have been announced! Check out the full list here. I've read 11 of the 22 titles. What about you? 

  • I Luv Makey Makey
    Fri, 03/08/2013

    Want to make a banana piano?  Or an alphabet soup keyboard?  We know you do, so sign up for this month's Teen Tech Series program - MAKEY MAKEY!  Watch this video for some inspiration.  We'll post more leading up to the program so you can come up with some really great project ideas.

    Then call us at 847.272.4300 or stop by the Youth Services desk or email Summer at to sign up for the March 28th program, from 1:30-3:30pm. We have the kits, you have the ideas. It's going to be awesome. 

  • Movie Afternoon
    Wed, 03/06/2013

    Alright, we have a movie and we have a date!  So mark your calendars:

    Pitch Perfect (PG-13)

        Sunday, March 24 from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. (The movie is 112 min long, plus snack time...)

        Youth Services Activity Room

        grades 6-12 (This is a PG-13 movie! If you're under 13, get permission from your parent/guardian)

    If you're coming, you HAVE TO register!  I want to make sure we have enough movie snacks. Register by calling (847.272.4300), by email ( or in person.  

    Any questions?

  • pitch perfect
    Wed, 02/27/2013

    Your movie votes have been counted! Your choice for Movie Night (Day) is:

    Pitch Perfect

    Your 2nd and 3rd choices were The Hunger Games and The Perks of Being A Wallflower and if for some reason we can't watch Pitch Perfect, we'll watch one of the runners up. 

    Now, let's pick a date!

    Please fill out this brief questionnaire to help me nail down a day for the movie. A couple of you have already voted and according to these results, Sunday, March 24 is looking like a good day. Do you agree?     


  • Mon, 02/18/2013

    What kind of Terrarium are you going to build?

           An extraterrestrial landscape?

           An absurdist softscape?

           A hipster vivarium? 

           A whimsical biome?

    Tuesday, February 26th from 6 to 7pm in the Activity Room. Grades 6-12 and registration is required 847.272.4300.

    We have all the basic materials for the creation of your terrarium (glass jar, sand, pebbles, shells, moss, air plants) but feel free to bring your own oddities, peculiar items, precious knickknacks or curious tchotchkes. P.S. I don't have any hollowed out light bulbs. We're using pickle jars. If you want to bring one (already emptied and completely safe) awesome.  

    Need inspiration?  Check out all the terrariums on Pinterest!  

    Registration for this World Building in Miniature (aka Terrariums) program is required! 847.272.4300  





  • Tue, 02/05/2013


    Have you seen our new book display in the Loft? 






    Here's the deal.  I've covered the books.  It's like a book blind date.

    Read over the info I've put on the cover and if it sounds good - check it out.  After you check out the book, you can unwrap it, read it and (hopefully) love it. 

    Get it - you have to take a chance.  



  • Thu, 01/24/2013

    It's cold outside!  Let's make scarves!

    We're taking some old t-shirts and turning them into stylish scarves and necklaces (did you see the pictures?).  No sewing required!  Keep them for yourself, give them away, open an etsy shop for scarves - whatever!  

    DIY Recycled T-Shirt Scarf/Necklace  

    • grades 6-12, registration required (847.272.4300)
    • Tuesday, January 29 from 6-7 p.m. 
    • Youth Services Activity Room    

    **Please bring with you 2 or more t-shirts - the larger the better.**

    Questions? Email me!


    Ringlet T-Shirt Scarf image courtesy of kevin {&} amanda (  



     Recycled T-Shirt Scarf Necklace Image courtesy of Ette Studios ( 


  • app building
    Mon, 01/21/2013

    Interested in App Building? 

    Take our Intro to App Building class and learn the basics of app development! We'll show you several easy/free app building sources and then we'll help you create your own app.  Don't have an app idea in mind?  Don't worry, we have some for you!

    • Grades 6-12, registration required 847.272.4300
    • Thursday, January 24 from 5-6:30 p.m.
    • Interactive Classroom

    Questions?  Email me at


  • Finals Cafe!
    Mon, 01/07/2013

    Hey High School Teens - finals are next week!

    and you are probably stressed out, exhausted and starving. Who needs a break?

    If you're studying at the library, stop by our Finals Cafe:

    • Monday, 1/14 from 3-4 pm and 7-8 pm
    • Tuesday, 1/15 from 7-8 pm
    • Wednesday, 1/16 from 7-8 pm.

    Of course we're having snacks and soda, but did you know we're bringing in therapy/comfort animals to help you to de-stress?  It's true.  From 3-4 pm on Monday, Tree House Human Society is bringing in a cat and Rainbow Assisted Animal Therapy will be bringing dogs to all of the other sessions.

     Did I mention the chair massages? That's right, on MONDAY at both sessions, Mathews Mobile Massage will be doing 5 minute chair massage for high school students. Space is LIMITED. If you want a massage, you have to register by emailing me ( There's also a release form your parents/guardians have to sign.  No form - no massage.  

    Okay?  Have questions?  Want a massage?  Email me! 



  • Sat, 12/29/2012

    Everyone's putting out a Best of 2012 list, so I figured we might as well get a piece of the action.

    Northbrook Public Library's Best of 2012 - Teen Books!

    (And by best of 2012, I mean the books that have been checked out the most with respect to the number of weeks the library has owned it.  The math behind my findings is questionable.  It should also be mentioned that I only included books published in 2012 and I did not include any electronic or downloadable titles in my totals).




    by Veronica Roth


    The Fame Game

    by Lauren Conrad


    The Raven Boys

    by Maggie Stiefvater



    by Meg Cabot



    by Ally Condie


    The Fault In Our Stars

    by John Green



    by Kristin Cashore



    by James Patterson


    Between the Lines

    by Jodi Picoult


    The Enchantress

    by Michael Scott



    by Lauren Conrad


    City of Lost Souls

    by Cassandra Clare


    The Rise of Nine

    by Pittacus Lore


    The Kill Order

    by James Dashner


    Out of Sight, Out of Time

    by Ally Carter


    Seconds Away

    by Harlan Coben


    Every Day

    by David Levithan


    Curveball: The Year I Lost My Grip

    by Jordan Sonnenblick



    by Donna Cooner


    Whispers at Moonrise

    by C. C. Hunter

  • Fri, 12/28/2012

    We're you going to sign up for Saturday's Cupcake Throwdown? Better sign up soon. 

    • Saturday, December 29th from 2-3:30pm
    • Youth Services Activity Room
    • grades 6-12 (registration required, 847.272.4300)

    The winner of the competition (judged by an impartial library staff member) will get to take one cupcake from each of the contestants (you'll probably have 4 to decorate - probably).  

  • cupcakes
    Wed, 12/19/2012

    Are you staying in town for Winter Break?  

    You think you have some mad cupcake decorating skills? Or perhaps you want to get some mad cupcake decorating skills?

    Cupcake Decorating Workshop and Competition

    • Saturday, December 29th from 2-3:30pm
    • Youth Services Activity Room
    • grades 6-12
    • registration required! 

    We'll be going over some decorating techniques before we let you loose on your cupcakes.  The winner of the most brillantly decorated cupcake wins one cupcake from each contestant! Cupcakes, decorating supplies and cupcake boxes will be provided by the library BUT if you have your own tools/utensils or leftover holiday cupcake decorations, feel free to bring it in!

    Call us (847.272.4300), come in or email me ( to register! 


  • code!
    Sat, 12/08/2012

    You know what this is?

    It's the code for the teen books pageInterested in learning how to write code?  Want to know how to code your own webpages?  

    Teen Tech Series: Coding!

    In this introductory class, we'll teach you the basics of coding a simple yet awesome webpage.  You will learn all about tagging, elements, values and maybe we'll even get into a little CSS.  

    Wanna come?


    • Grades 6-12th
    • Sunday, December 16th from 2-3:30pm
    • Interactive Classroom

    If you want to attend, you have to register!  Stop by the Youth Services department, call (847.272.4300) or email ( to sign up.   

  • Tue, 11/27/2012


    Alright, I know the movie doesn't come out for a year but have you seen the new logo? It's intense! 

    Also, there's some kind of contest. I don't exactly understand it. I think if you're one of the first 12 million people to share #thespark (I guess that means you share the page or perhaps you use the hastag in a Tweet, maybe even like the page) you could win.  


    And what is winning? Winning is getting your name featured in the credits of Catching Fire.


    So, I did it. I shared and liked and Tweeted the spark.  Wish me luck!

  • Mon, 11/19/2012

    Are you into ebooks?

    Have you noticed how many ebook titles I've added to the 3M collection? In case you haven't noticed, I've added tons.  Seriously.  Can't get a physical copy of The Fault in Our Stars, Where She Went, The Rise of Nine or perhaps you want to read Free Four, the Divergent novella that was only published as an ebook?  Check the 3M catalog!

    Don't know how to use the 3M Cloud Library?  It's simple.  Get your device (phone, ebook reader, ipad - whatever), go to your app store and download the 3M Cloud Library.  Once it's downloaded, open it up and log in.  

    To find books, you can browse the titles on the shelves (that's the first page you come to after logging in) but that's just a fraction of the titles we have.  To see all the books, select Catagories from the navigation tabs.  All the teen books will be listed under Juvenile Fiction.     

    Need more help?  Tell me and I'll walk you through the process.


  • Mon, 11/12/2012


    So, we spent the weekend getting some new ink!  


    What do you think?  

    Want to see more?   

  • Henna tattoos!
    Tue, 11/06/2012

    Interested in getting some ink?

    Well, odds are you're underage and you can't - because tattooing a minor is illegal and you'd be tossed out of any reputable tattoo shop. 

    I have the solution - temporary ink! And not those stick and peel things that come off in the shower. I'm talking about Henna Tattoos!

    Here's the info:

    • Friday, November 9th from 4:30 to 5:45pm
    • Youth Services Activity Room
    • Registration required (call 847.272.4300)
    • Wear/bring something you don't mind staining (just in case you're a messy person - I don't want you to ruin your clothes).  

    If you have any questions, please email me (! 


  • Sat, 11/03/2012

    Teen Quest 2

    Did you compete in the Teen Quest 2?  Have you been anxiously watching this page to see if you won?

    The wait is over.  The winners of the Teen Quest are:

    Anjali and Grace M!!  Congratulations!

    The have stolen the Teen Quest crown from Jack and Jim and are the recipients of the $20 iTunes gift card!

    Excellent work!    

  • Fri, 11/02/2012


    It's happening!  It's on!  International Games Day on Saturday, November 3rd!

    You coming?

    Remember - if you want a spot in the D&D game, you have to register and, as of Thursday evening, I think we only had 2 spots left.

    Teen Quest 2 (the scavenger hunt/trivia competition) is drop in, anytime between 10-4.  If you finish the Quest, you get one of those color changing NPL water bottles - unless we run out.  If you win the Quest, you get a $20 iTunes giftcard.

    Game Stations are situated all around the YS department.  See an open table or available chair and start up a game.  Also, we've got the PS3 and Wii set up in the Activity Room.

    If you want more info, check over here or email me:

    If you want to register for the D&D, call 847.272.4300.        


  • Mon, 10/29/2012

    Have you seen the Lawrence Public Library's "If you liked the Hunger Games..." readalike flowchart?

    Ms. Peso, the librarian at Glenbrook North High School has created her own for John Green's The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns!

    Want to take a look? You can find her charts are on the Spartan Library Blog.

    And, if you're interested in making your own book flowchart, Ms. Peso used the browser add-on LucidChart.  It's free and, according to Ms. Peso, very easy and fun to use.


  • Thu, 10/25/2012

    The countdown to the Dungeons and Dragons event (Sat. Nov. 3rd from 11-1:30pm) during International Games Day has started!  Nine days until the game.  We're already over half filled!

    So, have you registered, yet?  847.272.4300

    Remember this game is for everyone, including those who don't know how to play (but would like to learn).

    Want more information about everything happening during International Games Day? Go here.

  • Thu, 10/11/2012

    Teens - it's on.  International Games Day 2012.  Saturday, November 3rd.

    We have a lot going on so try and keep up.

    DUNGEONS & DRAGONS (11-1:30pm in the Loft / grades 6-12)

    Know how play?  Don't know how to play?  *Doesn't matter.*  This game is for both the skilled and unskilled.  We have a limited number of seats in the game available, so register early!  Either call the YS desk (847.272.4300) or email me ( to register.

    TEEN QUEST 2 (10-4pm, drop in / grades 6-12)   

    Teen Scavenger Hunt! This is a drop in Quest (no need to register) and will take you a half hour or so.  Just stop by the YS desk anytime and pick up the Quest.  We'll mark your start and end time.  Everyone who completes the Quest will receive a completion prize (probably those color changing water bottles) but the individual or team with the best time and most correct answers will win the grand prize (probably an iTunes gift card). The winner will be announced on the Teen Facebook Page

    GAME STATIONS (10-4pm, drop in / all ages)

    We're setting up game tables with chess, checkers, Monopoly, Connect 4, Battleship and more throughout the Youth Services department.  Just stop by and start playing.  Also, were turning the YS Activity Room into a videogame hub with both PS3 and Wii games. 

    I'm taking video game requests now.  If you have some games in mind, let me know -


    Alright Teens - game on.    

  • Tue, 10/09/2012

    Voting has closed for The Forbidden Challenge and we have a winner!

    Please congratulate Ilana, the teen winner! She has read 36 of the 109 banned/challenged books! Excellent work!

    And don't forget to congratulate our un-teen winner, Lolly!  Lolly has read 77 of the 109 banned/challenged books!   

  • Sun, 10/07/2012

    Have you taken The Forbidden Challenge, yet?

    Entries will not be accepted after 11:59pm tonight, October 7th!  You only have a few hours left. 

    The winner of The Forbidden Challenge will be announced on the teen facebook page by Tuesday, October 9th. Make sure you check to see if you're the winner! 


  • Thu, 09/27/2012

    Did you see who the Deerfield Public Library is bringing to the Deerfield High School Auditorium?  It's Cory Doctorow - author of Little Brother (awesome book btw) and For the Win.

    He'll be there on Tuesday, Oct. 9th at 7pm.   

    The event is free but you do have to register either by calling (847.945.3311) or on the Deerfield Public Library website. 

  • Wed, 09/19/2012

    Alright, here it is - our first online teen CONTEST with prizes!  The Forbidden Challenge

    As part of Banned Books Week (September 30 - October 6), I've made a survey of the 109 most challenged/banned book of the past 12 years.  Follow this link and check the box of every banned book you've read.  Honor system - ya'll.

    Whoever has read the most banned books wins an assortment of swag.  Anyone (seriously anyone) can participate; however to win the prize, you have to be a teen (grades 6-12).

    You can also come into the library any time during Banned Books Week and have your mugshot taken with your favorite banned book.  I think I'm gonna pick Whale Talk or maybe The Golden Compass or perhaps The Perks of Being A Wallflower.  What about you?

    Okay - go take the Forbidden ChallengeClick here to take survey  

    Pick your favorite banned book:

    Come into the library during Sept. 30 - Oct. 6 and have your mugshot taken!


    Click here to take survey

  • Books!
    Thu, 09/06/2012

    What was the best teen book you read in the last year (or so)?

    As part of Teen Read Week (Oct. 14-20), we're compiling a list of our favorite YA books from 2012 - or thereabouts.  We're not going to give your choice the ax because it was published in 2011.  Now, if your book came out in's gonna see the chopping block.

    Nominate your books on the Teen Facebook page (  Just create a new post and tell us the name of the book!  And if you want to, tell us why it's such a good book.  

    You can also email your choices to Summer at or fill out the form that's right here



  • Fri, 08/31/2012


    Teen Advisory Board registration is open! (Grades 6-12th)

    Interested in joining the Northbrook Public Library's Teen Advisory Board? Do you want to eat pizza, create displays, plan programming, and (hopefully) make some street art all while earning service/volunteer hours? We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 5-6 pm. We don't expect you to attend every meeting (cause you're busy) but show up to as many as you can.

    The first meeting for 2012-2013 will be Tuesday, Sept. 11 in the Pollak Room (ground floor near the circulation desk).

    You can register by:

    • Stopping by the Youth Services desk
    • Calling the Youth Services desk (847) 272-4300
    • Online right here

    Alright, go and register - NOW!


  • Mon, 08/20/2012

    Look what's coming out on Sept. 21st!

    And, just in time, too! Did you see what we're reading for the September's Mocha and More Book Discussion? It's:
    The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

    Join our after-hours book discussion on Friday, Sept. 7th at 7pm at the Starbucks on Cherry. Your first drink is on us! Register at the Youth Services desk or by calling 847.272.4300 and the first 7 people to sign up get a free copy of the book!

    Fine Print
    This book has mature content. The discussion is limited to high school student UNLESS you have permission from a parent/guardian - and I will be checking.


  • Alright, people - the voting has started!
    Fri, 08/17/2012

    How about The Fault In Our Stars? Or Legend? Maybe Where She Went? Don't forget about Divergent!  

    Do you have a favorite book (or 3) from the past year?  Do you think it deserves to be on the Teen's Top Ten list?  Well then, head over to the YALSA Teens' Top Ten page and vote for your top 3 books!

    The polls will be open through September 15th and the winners will be announced during Teen Read Week, October 14-20th.

    Here's all the information.

    And here's the direct link to the poll

    I'm not allowed to vote, but my top 3 are: 

    The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

    Divergent by Veronica Roth

    Where She Went by Gayle Forman

    (Highlight the above 3 lines to see my favorites) 


  • Tue, 06/26/2012

    Did you notice that the Northbrook Public Library Teens have their own Facebook page?

    Go take a look and make sure you LIKE usNorthbrook Teens Facebook Page

    Yeah, I know - there's not too much stuff on it yet.  But - give me some time.  I'll fill it up with all sorts of good things.


  • Wed, 06/20/2012


    Want to drink some coffee and talk about an awesome book? 



    You do? 

    Great!  Join us on Friday, July 13th from 7 to 8pm at the Starbucks on Cherry.  We're going to discuss James Dashner's The Maze Runner - a dystopian, survival story.  


    Thomas wakes up in an elevator and the only thing he can remember is his name.  He has no idea how or why he's there.  

    When the elevator doors open, Thomas finds a community of boys who all came to this place with no memories.  They are in The Glade, surrounded by a deadly maze and every 30 days, a new boy shows up.  Their only hope of escape is solving the maze. 


    Sounds good, right?  Register for the discussion at the Youth Services desk and we'll give you a copy to check out.  Then, you read it & we'll talk about it!

    You supply the insightful commentary, we'll supply the drinks.


    See you there! 

  • Cover of the book The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater
    Thu, 04/12/2012

    It's Teen Literatrue Day and in celebration YALSA (the Young Adult arm of the American Library Association) has announced the nominees for Teens' Top Ten. These 24 books, including Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater, Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, and Divergent by Veronica Roth were nominated by teens.  Read some, then vote on your favorites in August and September to weigh in on which should get the honors of being in the top ten! 

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    Tue, 07/12/2011

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