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You like ebooks?  


You've probably already seen or used My Media Mall to download ebooks or e-audiobooks from the library, right?

Well, we have a new option for ebooks - the 3M Cloud Library!  It's really easy to use. 

Step 1

  • Once installed, open the app.

Step 2 (logging in)

  • Select our state. 
  • Select our library. 
  • Type in your library barcode number for the Enter Your Library ID. 
  • Select the button that says End User License Agreement. Read over the agreement and if you agree, select Agree.
  • Select the green Login button

You can browse the shelves we've created or, from the menu items at the top, look for books by category. (For teen stuff, right now it's easier just to look on the Teen shelves).  If you have a specific title in mind, select search and type it in.     

If it says Check Out next to the book you want - it's available and ready for check out.  If it says Add To Hold List then someone else has it checked out and you can put your name on the waitlist.  

After you Check Out your book, it'll take a second (or so) to download and there you are!  

Need more help?  You can find more information here:

Need even more help?  Our Multimedia Department can help!  Give us a call (847) 272-6224 and we'll set up an appointment.  







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