Save Bees, Save the World

For more than a decade we've been asking the question, what's happening to the world's bee populations? The answer is becoming more clear and it is alarming.
Northbrook Library and Friends of the Northbrook Farmers Market will shed some light on this topic.

A 15-minute video, Keep Hives Alive, will get right to the point about how pesticides and other factors are decimating honeybees and polluting our food and water. But it also tells how grass roots efforts are helping to shed light on the problem and motivate people to do their part.

The Save Bees panelists include the farmers market very own David and Phong Saad, beekeepers and honey vendors, who will share how they research where to place hives and how we suburbanites can do simple things to help bees. Also, Dale Duda, Northbrook Farmers Market manager, will briefly share how the farmers market is part of the solution.

Cosponsored by Friends of the Northbrook Farmers Market

Monday, April 16, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:15pm
Pollak Room AB