Please Read Before Booking:

  • Reservations may only be made 7 days or more in advance, no exceptions.
  • Did you request enough time for your event? If your meeting is an hour, consider booking two hours to allow enough time for arrival and departure
  • You must be present for the duration of the booking
  • No food is permitted in the room. A fine of up to $200 may be charged and meeting room privileges revoked if food is present.
  • You will incur a $25 fine for each additional 15 minutes after your scheduled end time
  • You will be charged a $100 fine if you are still in the room after the Library closes
  • Setup and equipment cannot be modified once a booking has been made
  • Library meeting rooms may not be used for sale, advertising, solicitation, or promotion of any products or services. Admission or fees of any kind may not be charged