Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - 12:15pm

Our new system simplifies the process of online program registration and room reservation and adds some great new features, such as the ability to reserve seats for a group and for Northbrook library card holders to reserve a study room in advance.  

Follow the steps below to learn how use our new system to register for an event or reserve a meeting or study room.

Reserve a spot for a library program or event

  1. Go to visit.northbrook.info/events to see all of our events for the day.  

    • To see more events, use the Next week or Next month links on the left side of the page or use the Date range link. 

    • You can also use the links at the top of the page to filter the events by age, group, or event type.

  2. Click the Register button that appears under the event you want to attend. 

    • If you have a Northbrook library card, you can enter your library card number and pin, and click Find Details, and your contact information will automatically appear.

    • If you do not have a Northbrook library card, simply enter your name and contact information.

  3. To add additional people to the registration, click Add More People and enter the name of each person that you would like to sign up for the event. 

    • This option is not available for all events.

    • You will be the contact person for any attendees you add. The people you add will not be notified about the registration.

  4. When you are ready to submit your registration, click Next

    • You will receive an automated email message donotreply@mylocallibrary.info that allows you to manage or cancel your registration from.

    • If you logged in with your library card number and pin, you can view and manage all of your program registrations and bookings in one place at visit.northbrook.info/myevents

Reserve a meeting or study room

You must have a Northbrook library card to reserve a meeting or study room. While study rooms can be reserved for the current day, meeting rooms must be reserved at least 1 day in advance. When you place a meeting room reservation, your request will be reviewed by library staff, and you will receive an email when it has been approved. Study room reservations will be automatically approved. 

  1. Go to http://visit.northbrook.info/reserve, and pick a date from the calendar.

  2. Scroll through the page and select the room you would like to reserve. 

    • Study rooms are listed below the meeting rooms on the page.

    • When you select a room, its details (availability, size, seating, etc,) will appear. 

  3. To see more available times, slide the gray dot below the time blocks to the left and right, and then click to select an open time.  

    • When you click to select a time block, it will turn green if it is available.

    • To change your selection, click the block again to deselect it.

    • The setup/breakdown time is automatically added to your room reservation, indicated with yellow blocks.

  4. If the room requires a Room layout, select the setup that you prefer.

  5. If any additional room resources are available, like a DVD player, you can select it to add it to the reservation. 

    • Before you add an additional resource, please review the room’s included resources.

    • Additional resources are shared between all rooms, so please add only when truly needed for your meeting.

  6. To submit your room reservation, click the Choose button.

  7. Enter your Northbrook library card number and pin and select Login, and your name and contact information will automatically appear.

  8. Type your group name, booking title, number of attendees and any notes, and click to select the Terms and Conditions checkbox, and click Next. The Reservations Details window appears with a description of your reservation.

  9. To submit the reservation, click Reserve.

    • You can view and manage all of your room reservations in one place at visit.northbrook.info/myreservations

    • You will also receive an automated email message from donotreply@mylocallibrary.info that allows you to manage or cancel your reservation from

    • You may cancel a request after it has been approved, or while it is waiting to be approved.