There are no fees to check out any items.

Noncirculating Items:

  • reference books
  • the most current copy of a magazine
  • newspapers

Fees are charged for:

  • the replacement of damaged or lost materials
  • the procurement of a magazine article from another library
  • nonresident library cards for residents of unincorporated Northbrook
  • returned checks

If your library card has fines of $10 or more, you will be unable to check out, renew, or place holds on materials until the balance owed is brought below $10. Fines may be paid in person at the Circulation Desk or online by logging into the catalog.

Materials Loan Period Holdable?* Renewable? 3 Renewals Max, if Allowed Overdue Fines Per Day Max Fine
New Fiction 14 days Yes
(NBK only)
Yes $0.20 $10
Lucky Day Books 14 days No No $1.00 $10

Juvenile Bookpacks
Juvenile Audio Kits
Kill a Watt Meter
Juvenile Puzzles

21 days Yes Yes $0.20 $10

New Audiobooks
New Playaways
New Non-Fiction Books
New Large Type
New Juvenile Fiction
Discovery Skills Sets

21 days Yes
(NBK only)
Yes $0.20 $10
Magazines  14 days Yes Yes $0.20 $10
Adult Board Games 14 days Yes (NBK only) Yes $1.00 $10
New CDs
New Juvenile CDs
New Boxed Set CDs
New Juvenile Boxed Set CDs
New Records
7 days Yes
(NBK only)
Yes $0.20 $10
Juvenile CDs
7 days Yes Yes $0.20 $10
Boxed Set CDs
Juvenile Boxed Set CDs
14 days Yes  Yes $0.20 $10
New DVD/Blu-ray 2 days  Yes
(NBK only)
No $1.00 $10
New Lucky Day DVD/Blu-Ray  2 days  No No $1.00 $10
New Juvenile DVD/Blu-Ray
New Boxed Set DVD/Blu-rays
New Juvenile Boxed Set DVD/Blu-Rays
7 days Yes
(NBK only)
No $1.00 $10
DVD/Blu-ray/VHS 7 days Yes Yes $1.00 $10
Boxed Set DVD/Blu-Rays
Juvenile Boxed Set DVD/Blu-Rays
14 days Yes Yes $1.00 $10
New Videogames
New Lucky Day Juvenile DVD/Blu-Ray
Video Games
7 days Yes
(NBK only)
No $1.00 $10

Projector (Dual 8 mm, Super 8 mm, 16 mm, Overhead, Slide)
DVD/VCR Recorders

7 days Yes
(NBK only)
Yes $1.00 $10
Makey Makey Kits
Arduino Kits
21 days No No $1.00 $10
3 hours No No $5 per hour $600

*"Holdable" means holds for patrons within CCS, as well as out of system ILL requests


The following are are the total number of items per category that can be checked out:

Books 100
DVD & Blu-Rays 10
Music CDs 20
Audiobooks 10
Videogames & CD-Roms 5
Magazines 12
updated 2/3/17