The Digitization Room is not available at this time.

Thanks to a generous bequest from Northbook resident Howard Peltz, the Collaboratory houses a set of two new rooms that form the Peltz Digital Suite: the Peltz Digitization Room and the Peltz Digital Media Lab.

The Digitization Room allows you to turn your old analog media into digital. Bring in your vinyl, cassettes, VHS tapes, photos, slides, film, Super 8mm or 8mm film and create a digital copy.

You may make a day-of reservation with your library card by calling the Collaboratory at 847-272-2098. Guest passes are used for those without a card. Speak to staff in the Collaboratory when you arrive, and they will sign you into a room.


Prefer to convert your VHS to DVD at home? You can check out a DVD/VCR recorder to take home.