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Escape From Plastic

What plastic have you used today? Did you use shampoo or soap from a plastic bottle? Picked up coffee to go? Ate with a plastic fork? Purchased apples in a plastic bag? Many plastic items are used for a only a few minutes but their life doesn't end when we're done with them. Many end up in Lake Michigan where animals ingest them or become entangled in them. The good news is that we can choose a different option.

Cutting back on the plastic in your life is easy and fun. Once you notice the everyday single-use plastic in your life, you'll begin to come up with alternatives that support environmental health. For example, bring your own containers to restaurants for leftovers. Buy those apples loose instead of pre-packaged, or bring your own produce bag.

Explore tips for reducing plastic and tell your friends about your new, plastic-free, animal-safe, human-safe plans!

Plastic Free July

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