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Reduce Waste this Holiday Season!

Americans contribute 25% more volume to landfill between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Follow these tips from SWANCC to reduce the amount of garbage you generate and embrace the holiday spirit.

Holiday To-Do List

  • When entertaining, use reusable dishes, glassware, silverware, and napkins rather than disposables.
  • Reuse gift bags or wrap gifts in a piece of cloth or lace, pillow cases, blankets, holiday tins, or comics from the Sunday paper.
  • Shop with reusable bags – smaller ones for produce and fruit.
  • Recycle your old holiday lights in the bin behind the Village Garage, Monday to Friday from 7am to 3pm
  • Make ornaments from nature, use a pine cone, twig, bark, etc.
  • Decorate a large plant with lights and ribbons rather than a Christmas tree.
  • Create homemade gifts. Check out these ideas.
  • Give “gifts of the heart” – coupons for house chores, snow shoveling, making a meal, giving a massage, babysitting, etc.
  • Give “certificates” for doing things together, like going to a concert, sports events, a movie, ice skating, bowling, or a bike ride. 
  • Go gift-free and make the gathering about family being together.
  • Use the money you would spend on gifts to make donations to your favorite charities - either one large one as a family, or smaller ones for each member individually.
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen or food pantry.
  • Visit with an elderly or housebound neighbor – take a decorated plant.
  • Put together a care package and send to troops overseas.
  • Put seed out for the birds.
  • Donate gently used books to a children’s hospital.
  • Go sledding, build a snowman or have a snowball fight – no matter your age!