Thursday, March 31, 2022 - 3:15pm

Be Kind to the Planet

Here are 15 easy things you can incorporate into your everyday life to help the planet. 

  1. Bring your own bags, or carry items without a bag.

  2. Check out a book on composting on the 2nd floor in section 631.875 and start composting food scraps—either in your yard or use a pickup service.

  3. Bike instead of driving. Learn how to incorporate biking into your everyday activities at our Bike Banter program on June 1, presented by Northbrook’s Pedestrian and Bike Commission.

  4. Switch to 100% recycled toilet paper.

  5. Buy produce without a bag.

  6. Wash clothes in cold water.

  7. Eat less meat, fish, and dairy. Check out a book on plant-based diets  (call no. 641.56362) or sustainable farming practices.

  8. Use dishcloths and rags instead of paper towels.

  9. Support local businesses and farmers by shopping at the Northbrook Farmers Market on Wednesdays starting June 22.

  10. Explore sustainable practices for your yard. Find books to help on the 2nd floor in section 635.967. Earn a Northbrook garden sign of support for monarch butterflies and rusty-patched bumblebees: plant native flowers, do not use pesticides, and don’t mow until June.

  11. Choose products with less packaging.
  12. Tell restaurants to leave out the plastic utensils.

  13. Avoid toxic fertilizers and insecticides. Learn why and how at our Gardening with Fewer Pesticides program on May 23 from 7-8pm.

  14. Borrow a library tote bag or sign up for Summer Reading starting June 1 to earn a canvas tote bag when you complete the program.

  15. Walk in the forest preserves and sign up for one of our youth outdoor programs.