Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - 9:15am

On April 17, the Northbrook Public Library was pleased to recognize 15 staff members with milestone anniversaries at its annual Staff Development Day.

Each year, the Library closes for one day to hold staff training. In reality, though, the day is more than a day of instruction; it’s an important Library tradition in which the staff is able to bond.

“It’s a time when everyone is relaxed and truly socializing, getting to know one another,” said Andrew Kim, Assistant Director. “It’s the one guaranteed time every year where we can see people we don’t normally see.”

After a few words of welcome, staff anniversaries were announced with shared memories, laughter, and little-known facts as each celebrated staff member was formally recognized. The Library is proud to honor the following staff members for their years of service:

  • Patty Farrell, Reference Clerk: 10 years
  • Celeste Hanson, MultiMedia Assistant: 10 years
  • Joe Skittino, Maintenance: 10 years
  • Jane Voronova, Shelver: 10 years
  • Kathy Wawer, MultiMedia Librarian: 10 years
  • Hala Haddad, Reference Librarian: 15 years
  • Judy Haynes, Technical Services Assistant: 15 years
  • MaryLou Haberkorn, Technical Services Clerk: 20 years
  • Inna Malamud, Shelver: 20 years
  • Ellen Migley, Circulation Clerk: 20 years
  • Joan Miller, Circulation Clerk: 20 years
  • Diane Reid, Reference Clerk: 20 years
  • Vicky Greene, Technical Services Assistant: 25 years
  • Thom Morris, Network Manager: 25 years
  • Jim Miller, MultiMedia Clerk: 35 years

The Library congratulates its staff on many years of dedication.