Monday, October 16, 2017 - 3:45pm

Auditorium Chair Family PhotoFrances Sales Binder, 88,  has been a regular library patron ever since she moved to Northbrook in 1997. Now, her regular visits include finding the seat in the Auditorium with a plaque that recognizes her.

Earlier this year, her daughter-in-law, Charlene, spotted an ad about the Auditorium chair sponsorship program while picking up a book at the library.  When her two sons and daughters-in-law informed her they had sponsored a recognition plaque on an Auditorium seat as a tribute to her, Frances "got a big kick out of it."

"It just clicked. I thought it would be something that would really tickle her, something that she would find very gratifying," Charlene said.

The Northbrook Public Library Foundation began the Make Your Mark: Name a Seat sponsorship program to celebrate the completed Auditorium renovations back in 2015. Library patrons can purchase a recognition plaque, which is installed on the chair's arm, to honor a loved one or recognize an organization close to their hearts. The $500 sponsorship cost is completely tax-deductible. All proceeds from the sponsorship benefit the Northbrook Public Library Foundation, which uses its funds to support the library's capital improvement projects. 

At a Fine Arts Fall piano concert this past September, Frances relished the chance to sit in the chair with her plaque while waiting for a friend. 

"I was so pleased and honored [by my family's tribute]," said Frances. "I hope someday all the seats will have plaques on them. It's a lovely way to honor a family member." 

Learn more about sponsoring an Auditorium chair here.

Chair sponsorship does not signify ownership of seats or guarantee entry to events in the Auditorium.