About the Plein Air Photo Festival

In March of 2020, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the Northbrook Arts Commission converted its annual Plein Air Painting Festival into a Plein Air Photo Festival and invited all residents of Northbrook to participate. They presented weekly photo challenges to the community, including “photograph a place of worship or contemplation within Northbrook” and “photograph a spot in Northbrook with the water tower visible in the view." 

All submissions were digital and taken either with a camera or smartphone, and the participants ranged from students to professional-level photographers. The photos were uploaded to the Village of Northbrook website by the contestants and judged by a rotating panel from the Arts Commission.

Besides capturing beauty in our own backyard, the collection of images also serves to document a period of Northbrook’s history. Some of the challenges addressed the aspect of social distancing and isolation, another portrait with the subject wearing a mask. A streetscape challenge documented the period of public demonstration after the death of George Floyd.

The photos below offer a sample of some of the photos from the Festival, held in June 2020. —Bruce Bondy, Chairman, Northbrook Arts Commission

The Northbrook Arts Commission is happy to announce the return of the Northbrook Plein Air Photo Festival starting June 7. Visit the Village Website for details. No advance registration is necessary.

[Click each photo below to view at full-size]

Photo of a church in Northbrook
Heavenly Reach
Photographer: Anastasia Gonzalez
Category: Places of Worship

Aerial photo of the Crate & Barrel Headquarters
Crate & Barrel Setting Sun
Photographer: Brian Kennedy
Category: Architecture

Photo of a boy jumping near the Lion fountain in Village Green
Yelp For Help
Photographer: Cecily Stash
Category: Architecture

Photo of the Love Your Neighbor sign in Northbrook
Love Thy Neighbor
Photographer: Ellie Stencel
Category: Signs

A photo closeup of a dog's eye
Photographer: Elyse Malamud
Category: Close Up

A black and white photo of a wooden bridge in Northbrook
Crossing to Safety
Photographer: Emily Szumowski
Category: Bridges

Photo of the Northbrook train station
Coming Into the Station
Photographer: Greg Metzler
Category: Dusk or Sunset

Photo of a memorial bench in Northbrook.
Reflection Bench
Photographer: James Koolish
Category: Light & Shadow

Photo of a black swallowtail caterpillar
Black Swallowtail Caterpillar
Photographer: Jennifer Joseph
Category: Close Up

Photo of a sunset over Wood Oaks Green in Northbrook
Sunset at Wood Oaks Green
Photographer: Jennifer Palmer
Category: Dusk or Sunset

Photo of a public demonstration in Northbrook
Streets That Matter
Photographer: Jennifer Stash
Category: Streetscape

Photo of a man working at a dining room table.
Working Dad
Photographer: Kai Stash
Category: Working from Home

Bridge on Techny Rd. in Northbrook
Photographer: Lewis Cohen
Category: Bridges

Photo of a high school graduate and family social distancing for photos
Physical Distancing
Photographer: Lila Weiland
Category: Physical Distancing

Beauty on Dundee
Photographer: Linda Cohen
Category: Bridges

Garden in Northbrook
Photographer: Lori Margolin
Category: Gardens

A girl spinning a flag
Me Spinning a Flag
Photographer: MacKenzie Goldin
Category: Frozen Moment

Photo of St. Nortbert's bells
St. Norbert Church Steeple
Photographer: Mark Rosenberg
Category: Places of Worship or Contemplation

Water Tower
Photographer: Mary Mulhern
Category: Northbrook View that Includes Water Tower

Flowers in Techny Prairie
Peace on the Prairie
Photographer: Melissa Levine
Category: Places of Worship or Contemplation

Photo showing architecture
No Title
Photographer: Michael Beeftink
Category: Architecture

Photo of someone sitting in a park
Physical Distancing
Photographer: Natalie Sandlow
Category: Physical Distancing

Photo of a bridge in Northbrook
Bridge 864
Photographer: Scott Margolin
Category: Bridges

People attending a public demonstration in Northbrook
Black Lives Matter in Northbrook
Photographer: Scott Margolin
Category: Streetscape

Photo of the Northbrook Public Library
Not Quite Public Library
Photographer: Stacy Oliver
Category: Architecture