Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 11:30am

Makers represent a diverse range of specialties. Whether you enjoy crocheting or producing 3D designs, your imagination and passion for creating things is what defines you as a maker.

As construction of the Collaboratory, the library’s new makerspace, is on track to be completed in mid-March, makers from the community have expressed their enthusiasm for the new space and all its machines and tools (ranging from high-tech to low-tech to no-tech).

Meet Debbie, Rita, and Dave, three local makers eager to expand their repertoire.


Debbie Reederimage of debbie

Debbie is a retired librarian with a career spanning nearly 40 years in academic and corporate libraries. She loves to travel, read, bake and, of course, craft. Debbie is a regular participant of the library’s crafting programs and is active with other local crafting groups such as the Northbrook Community Club. Debbie is excited to try out all the new machines. “Where else would I get a chance to do that but here?,” she said. “It’s an opportunity I would not have otherwise. I want to see what I could do with it.”



image of dave

Dave Schwartzberg

Dave has a professional background in accounting. Around the Internet boom era in the late 90s, he took night classes to change careers and survived the dot-com bubble. Today, he works as a mobile data protection specialist. Dave’s interest in technology stems from his childhood and being influenced by his father, who was an aerospace engineer. As a maker, Dave is interested a range of activities, including cryptography, coding and soldering. Once the Collaboratory opens, Dave looks forward to “get my kids out of my house to meet with other people who have similar interests.”




image of rita

Rita Tao

Around the time Rita retired from the pharmaceutical industry about five years ago, a colleague taught her how to craft with beads. Relatedly, Rita’s mother was a skilled crafter, particularly with beading and crocheting. After her mother passed away, “I thought, ‘I should probably pick up some of that,’” she said. “I’m interested in all kinds of crafting work. Crafts keep me busy. During class reunions, I give away (my finished crafts) to friends.”