The Northbrook International Children’s Film Festival will showcase 11 captivating short films from 8 countries that celebrate the power of sharing. This year's festival features 6 Chicago premieres and a Zoom afterparty for audience members and film directors!

Ba, one of the films in the film festival
Ba (Brazil)

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International Children's Film Festival: Caring and Sharing (Ages 5-10 with a parent or caregiver)

The 5th Annual Northbrook International Children’s Film Festival goes virtual on Saturday, November 7th!

2:00pm-3:20pm (Watch films at home on Vimeo)
3:30pm-4:00pm (Zoom Afterparty for audience members and directors)

Film links will be available to watch through Monday, November 9

The International Children’s Film Festival is an exclusive film experience that showcases award-winning films from around the world designed to stimulate the imagination of parents and children alike. After watching the films at home on Saturday, attendees will be invited to join a Zoom afterparty with some of the film directors! The directors who will attend include Virginia Abramovich and her daughter, Ana, who is the main character in the film (Little Questions, Canada), Leandro Tadashi (Ba, Brazil) and Elena Walf (Bat Time, Germany).

Co-hosted by the Chicago-based International Children’s Media Center, the festival will showcase eleven captivating and culturally rich films from eight different countries, including South Korea, Germany, and Brazil. With the theme "Caring and Sharing," it will feature six Chicago premieres and highlights short films that explore the enduring themes of empathy, understanding, and friendship despite barriers of all kinds. Children and adults alike will resonate with these unique films and their themes that illustrate just how important it is to care for one another.

“Parents will want to watch the films with their children, just as they would at the festival, says ICMC director Nicole Dreiske. “They can interact about the movies during the screening, then talk to children about their favorite films and help them vote,” she continued. Read Dreiske’s Co-Viewing Tips for Parents.

After watching the films at home, your child can vote for their favorite film to win “Best of the Fest.” The results will be tallied and the winner will be announced on the library’s website and Films and voting will be available through Monday, November 9. 

These world-class children's films will appeal to children ages 5 to 10, but even older kids will find something to spark their imagination in this national mini-festival. The films showcase a wide, diverse range of characters and storylines, from a young girl's journey toward self-expression after meeting an enigmatic cat and a boy whose life is turned upside down when his garden-loving grandmother moves in.

The International Children’s Film Festival not only provides quality entertainment to young audiences. It offers them global perspectives and teaches them to develop healthy screening habits, according to Nicole Dreiske, curator and author of The Upside of Digital Devices: How to Make Your Child More Screen Smart, Literate, and Emotionally Intelligent.

The final film, Little Questions features poignant interviews by a seven-year-old girl who is searching for a way to end war. Director Virginia Abramovich says, “Thank you so much for screening the film and for bringing this very important topic into public discussion at this time.”

“At a time when we’re seeing so much conflict and concern, the Library is delighted to bring Northbrook families this special film program, showing how shared experiences and caring for one another can bring us closer,” says Northbrook Library Youth Services Manager, Kelly Durov.

“By priming kids’ minds to think critically before the screening, we teach them that it’s fun to be discerning digital citizens,” she said. The complete line-up includes: Our Wonderful Nature (Germany), Sky Painter (Singapore), Unmasked (United States), The Girl Who Spoke Cat (United Kingdom), The Ride (United States), Two Balloons (United States), Ba (Brazil), Bat Time (Germany), Saturday’s Apartment (South Korea), 1-2-3 Pas Soleil (France), Little Questions (Canada).

This event is cosponsored by the Friends of the Library.

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