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This year's festival will showcase 12 captivating short films for children and a Zoom afterparty with film directors on Saturday, November 6. 

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We're proud to showcase these award-winning short films from around the world. After watching the films at home on Saturday, November 6 at 2:00pm, attendees ages 5-10 with an adult are invited to join a Zoom afterparty at 3:30pm with some of the film directors, including Koji Yamamura, an exceptional Japanese animator and director of Dreams Into Drawing, who will be getting up early to attend our event!

Co-hosted by the Chicago-based International Children’s Media Center (ICMC), the festival will showcase 12 captivating and culturally rich films from South Africa, Switzerland, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Japan, USA, France, Netherlands, U.K, and Serbia. With the theme "Seeing the Best in Others," these unique films and their themes will resonate with children and adults alike.

“Parents will want to watch the films with their children, just as they would at the festival," says ICMC director Nicole Dreiske. “They can interact about the movies during the screening, then talk to children about their favorite films and help them vote,” she continued. Read Dreiske’s Co-Viewing Tips for Parents.

After watching the films, attendees were able to cast a vote for their favorite film to win “Best of the Fest.” 

The International Children’s Film Festival not only provides quality entertainment to young audiences. It offers them global perspectives and teaches them to develop healthy screening habits, according to Nicole Dreiske, curator and author of The Upside of Digital Devices: How to Make Your Child More Screen Smart, Literate, and Emotionally Intelligent.

This event is cosponsored by the Friends of the Library.

The Films

Belly Flop (South Africa)
2018, 5 Minutes
Directors: Jeremy Collins, Kelly Dillon
A young girl sets her sights on the high dive at her local pool. Nonverbal.

Lynx and Birds (UK)
2017, 3 Minutes
Directors: Francesco Mazza, Simone Giampaolo
A mother bird rushes to protect her baby from a predator, who surprises them with kindness. In English.
Meet the Director in the Zoom Afterparty!

Bearing (Czech Republic)
2019, 2 Minutes
Director: Daniela Hýbnerová
While strolling through the woods, a baby bear gets separated from its mother. Nonverbal.
Chicago Premiere.

Kiri and Lou (New Zealand)
2019, 5 Minutes
Director: Harry Sinclair
Kiri and Lou are two best friends who like to laugh, sing, and play while learning about new feelings and other friends. In English.
Chicago Premiere.
Meet the Director in the Zoom Afterparty!

Little Bird & Squirrel (Switzerland)
2015, 4 minutes
Director: Lena von Döhren
When a bird and squirrel have a disagreement, a sneaky fox forces them to work together. Nonverbal.
Meet the Director in the Zoom Afterparty!

Transmitter Receiver (Canada)
2017, 9 Minutes
Director: Vincent Wilson
A young boy builds a device that he hopes will allow him to communicate with strangers beyond the earth. The truth is somewhat closer to home. In English.
Chicago Premiere.
Meet the Director in the Zoom Afterparty!

Tiger (Germany)
2015, 4 minutes
Director: Kariem Saleh
A tiger imprinted on a child’s dinner plate becomes impatient and roams the kitchen table in search of food. Nonverbal.

The Pig on the Hill (USA/Serbia)
2018, 6 Minutes
Directors: John Helms, Jamy Wheless
A pig is living a quiet life until a noisy new neighbor moves in. In English.
Meet the Director in the Zoom Afterparty!

Dreams into Drawing (Japan)
2019, 10 Minutes
Director: Koji Yamamura
When an artist falls asleep, he dreams of being a carp that interacts with the creatures and humans around him. In English.
Meet the Director in the Zoom Afterparty!

Game Changer (USA)
2018, 3 Minutes
Director: Aviv Mano
A toy at an arcade tries to sabotage an unlikely player who wants to win him as a prize. Nonverbal.

C’est Moi Le Plus Beau (France/Belgium)
2018, 6 Minutes
Directors: Anaïs Sorrentino, Arnaud Demuynck
A vain wolf scours the forest for other animals to tell that he is the most handsome creature of them all. In French with English subtitles.
U.S. Premiere.

Freeze (Netherlands)
2014, 15 minutes
Director: Maria Peters
A young girl attempts to protect herself and others in her town when a magical spell falls into the wrong hands. In Dutch with English subtitles.
Chicago Premiere.


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