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Apply for your library card at the Information Desk in the Library lobby.

Incorporated Village of Northbrook

Residents of incorporated Northbrook are entitled to a free library card.

Bring current identification that includes your full name and reflects your address within the village. Acceptable identification includes:

  • Driver's license
  • Printed check
  • Current utility bill sent through the mail
  • Real estate tax bill
  • Student identification

Lost or damaged cards may be replaced for no charge with proof of identification.

Your card will be honored at many libraries across the state.

Unincorporated Areas

Those who live in unincorporated Northbrook may purchase nonresident cards:

  • Bring a current real estate tax bill to the Information Desk on the first floor. Renters, please contact the Information Desk for more details at 847-272-6224.
  • Nonresident card fees are determined using the Tax Bill Method as defined by Section 3050 of the Illinois Local Library Act
  • Nonresident fees are equivalent to those paid by residents

A purchased nonresident card has full rights at the Northbrook Public Library and it will be honored by many other libraries. 

Business Cards

Any business or company within the incorporated area of Northbrook may be issued a free Northbrook Public Library card:

  • The owner, president, or other designated person from your company may apply for the card at the Information Desk on the first floor of the library
  • Show proof of the business location with a printed letterhead, business card, or the current real estate tax bill
  • One card is issued per business or company
  • The company name and the name of the designated responsible person - selected by the company president or owner - will be entered in our records. This may be done in person or in a letter on letterhead
  • The card is issued for one year and is renewable annually
  • The company is responsible for all materials checked out on the card

A company or business with an address in unincorporated Northbrook may purchase a library card:

  • The owner/president/ designated responsible person from the company may apply at the Information Desk on the first floor
  • Bring the second installment of the company’s current real estate tax bill
  • Library staff can then calculate the fee for an annual card. The card will be issued upon payment of the fee

Teacher Cards

A Northbrook Public Library card will be issued to any teacher or instructional support staff, with the permission of the school principal, who teaches in a school located in Northbrook.

  • Contact your school librarian for a teacher card application
  • The teacher library card can only be used at the Northbrook Public Library
  • The principal of the school (Hickory Point, Shabonee, Wood Oaks, Greenbriar, Meadowbrook, Westmoor, Northbrook Jr High, Maple, Wescott, Field, St. Norbert, Sager Solomon Schechter) will provide the Northbrook Public Library with a list of teachers eligible for a Northbrook Teacher Library card
  • Schools will be responsible for any lost materials if materials cannot be retrieved from the teachers
  • Materials may be renewed by phone or online if there are no current holds on the items
  • Holds may be placed on print material held by the Northbrook Public Library
  • The teacher card will be valid for one year with the possibility of an extension if teacher returns to teach at a Northbrook School. (Do not destroy card.)
  • Teacher must have card in hand or driver’s license when checking out books. Teachers may come in and select their books or they may request a book bag on a specific subject or from a specific list of books
  • Cards will be marked as Teacher Card in indelible ink
  • Museum Passes cannot be issued on a Teacher Card