We offer delivery and pick up of library materials to any Northbrook resident with a valid Northbrook Public Library card who is homebound. Homebound is defined as being generally confined to your residence either temporarily or permanently, due to age, disability, illness, or other mobility issues. This service is open to all ages. Please note that applications must be reviewed and approved and that submitting an application does not guarantee access to this service. The library has the right to terminate this service to any individual who does not meet the terms and requirements of the service.

Homebound services are provided at no additional cost to anyone with a valid Northbrook library card in good standing. You will be charged with the replacement cost for materials that are lost or damaged while in your care. 

Please submit your application below. After you submit the application, email homebound@northbrook.info or call 847-272-2830 to schedule a delivery or return.


Please type your first and last name.
This service is only available to Northbrook Public Library card holders.